With Chiro, you will be able to record your data with confidence!

Capturing bats can be a very tedious task. Not only do you need to set up the individual nets, but you also need a way to record data, whic requires plenty of time, data sheets and data management. You also have to review and correct data sheets for standardization between employees and subcontractors. When your project is complete, you have to scan in data sheets, as well as organize and label pictures. Now, you will be able to easily record your data with Chiro. Chiro introduces a new perspective into recording data of captured bats, as well as being able to keep information on hand at all times.

Adding Different Levels of Permits

Chiro allows you to record all of your federal, state, and local permits, where you can easily include said information in your generated report.

Manage Photos

You can now take photographs of your sites and captured bats, where you can easily manage them by syncing your device to your computer. Chiro also features a diagram builder, where you can draw a sketch of your site, adding labels, geo-tags, and much more!

Creating Projects and Sites

One of the key features of Chiro is the ability to organize your sessions into easy to manage projects and sites, where you can further specify more in depth details.

Automated Report Creation

One of the biggest features with Chiro is it's ability to save you from using any form of pen and paper. After inputting all of your information, Chiro can create a PDF report in an easy to read format, that can be saved and/or emailed.

Exporting Database to Web

To allow us to gather more information about different species of bats, you can upload your database to our website, where you can view all of your saved information.

Record All Helpful Information

Chiro allows you to enter any information that you can think of to help get all of the fine details. From weather conditions and local vegetation, to recording the exact latitude and longitude of your site, you will be able to record with confidence.

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